Home and Garden: My Son’s Bedroom Makeover, Part 1

by Lori on November 1, 2010

A few posts back, I briefly mentioned being knee-deep in makeover project.  I have been updating my 12-year-old son’s bedroom and taking it from the ‘little boy’ to ‘tween’ stage.  It’s pretty close to being done.  I’ve been stalking my Home Goods store for some accessories, wall decor and mature-looking desk accessories, but they’re just not carrying what I need right now.  So I believe Ikea will be my destination for some of those items, and in the meantime I will keep hitting my usual spots with the hope that I can pick up the last few items.  Here are some before and partially-after photos.

These are shots of  the bedroom with it’s previous furniture and wall color unfortunately influenced by the incandescent lighting and my flash, which is evidence why I don’t like to use it.  It distorts colors and tones.  Before I knew it, my husband had started to break the room down, and I really wanted to get a true before shot with all the furniture in place, but that was not to be.  While there is a bit of tone-on-tone going on in the wall color and furniture, the dark blue shelving and dark frames around the wall hangings balanced everything nicely.  I wish I had a picture to share.

It’s amazing what a difference paint color alone can make.  It is the cheapest way to give any room a face lift.  We decided to use a primer to assist in covering the caramel color of the walls.  I really recommend having your primer tinted with the color you’re planning to paint with.  It really helps to alleviate the need for multiple coats. 

I always use Dunn Edwards paints; their Suprema is wonderful and it allows me to easily wipe off finger prints and other marks without removing the paint.  This color is called Porous Stone.  It’s a cross between a mossy green and gray and picks up that color in the bedding.  Because we used the tinted primer, we only needed one coat of paint.  This is my husband using the roller.  I did all the cutting in.  It’s my favorite part of the painting process.  I like detail work.


Here is one shot of the room with its new look.  The bed, nightstand and desk are from Crate and Barrel.
The plaid bedding is a Tommy Hilfiger set and the denim shams are also from Tommy Hilfiger.  I searched high and low for a masculine comforter that was different from his last denim set.  This was more difficult than I thought it would be.  I didn’t want any motifs on the bedding and a duvet cover wasn’t an option.  As much as I love all of the prints in duvet covers, I just find them to be too difficult to deal with in a kid’s room.  I was able to catch a good sale day at Macy’s and snagged all the bedding there.

The dresser is from Pottery Barn Teen’s Stuff Your Stuff Collection.  The shelves are from Ikea.  They were inexpensive and easy to install.  I am on the look-out for a few accessories to place on the dresser and on the shelves to tie this area together.  It’s a bit haphazard-looking in this picture.

My son is a military aircraft and motocross aficionado, so I’m trying to bring out those elements in the decoration of his room.  I purchased these metal replica planes at Home Goods many years ago and never put them to use.  I decided to hang them on the wall as opposed to hanging them from the ceiling.  This way you see more than just the bottom of the plane.  I enlisted my husband’s handy McGuyver stills to fashion up some contraption to anchor each plane to the wall.

I am so pleased with how this room is shaping up.  My son loves it, and that’s what is most important.  The furniture will definitely take him into the next stage of his life and beyond.  I am a big believer in purchasing classic or traditional furniture.  You can use the bedding and accessories to feature more of the trendy designs, if you wish.  This way if you want to update the look, you can swap out the less expensive items in the room without having to assume the expense associated with a total makeover. 

In addition to locating the final accessories, the last project for this room will be the window treatment.  And I hope to have it completed in time for my post next Monday.

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