Spring Forward…

by Lori on March 27, 2010

Spring is here!

The purple plum trees are blooming.

The harbingers of spring have pushed themselves up through the wet winter soil.

The Eastern Redbud trees in my backyard are covered with tiny pink sweet pea-like flowers.  They flower before the leaves appear.  (This feature along with the burgundy heart-shaped leaves caused me to select these trees for my backyard, and I have been waiting for nearly a year to see it happen.  It was worth the wait!)

An unkempt field has sprouted masses of purple lupine.

So while I’m enjoying all of the Springtime visuals, I am thinking about the seemingly endless of list things that need to be done in my house and garden.  Take a look at this list:

1) Closets, closets, closets!  Three of them: mine and my two kids’ closets need an overhaul.  Time to weed out old clothes, toys, etc.

2) Kitchen pantry.  Time to re-organize and tidy up.  With everyone going in and out of here, I constantly need to deal with it.  Obviously, this has gotten a little out of hand.

3) Clean all the blinds in the house.  I’d rather go to the dentist than do this, because it inevitably leads to:

4) Clean all the windows and screens.  They really need it.  (But are we done with the rain yet?)

5) Gather up discards for donation or dare I say “garage sale?”  I’ve got to think that one through and weigh my time-versus-money issues.  I usually just want everything out and go the donation route.

6) Move all orchids outside to a shady spot.  After my orchids bloom, I stick them in my shower so they can have a little indoor humidity during the winter months.  Now that the weather isn’t so fickle, it’s time for the non-bloomers to go outside.

7) Clean up the flower beds, till the soil and replace the ground cover.  A full-day’s project in an of itself!

8) Address the issue with the flower bed that isn’t draining very well.  Last May, my husband and I overhauled our backyard.  We pulled everything out and started fresh.  It appeared that we didn’t do such a good job with one of the flower beds, because I saw puddles of water in this bed after a period of rain.  It took quite a while to drain, and that’s a major red-flag for drainage issues.  Not so surprising, because last summer I had a hard time getting anything to grow here.  We have heavy, clay-based soil, so I need to work-in some more organic matter if I’m going have gardening success in this spot.  When your rosemary won’t grow in the summer sun, you know you’ve got issues!  Only two of the six rosemary plants along this retaining wall survived.

9) Replace landscape plants that didn’t over-winter well.  While our winters are very mild compared to most, I still have plants that didn’t make it.  This was Lavender (Hidcote Blue).

10) Re-do flower pots on the front porch.

11) Order dahlia tubers from Swan Island Dahlias.  I love dahlias.  I’m a little late on this, but I know it will be okay.  Besides, I usually plant the dahlias in the bed that doesn’t drain well.  So I need to get that going before I buy anything to plant in there.

12) Figure out what to do with the space in this flower bed.  I would love a bed of lavender along here, but this area also serves as a dog run.  Because our dog chases bees and eats them, I think I need to limit flowering plants in this area.  I have to believe at some point her body will have had enough of her self-inflicted trauma and react in some unknown and costly way. 

So there you have it.  That is quite a list, containing lots of projects to keep this portion of my blog going for a while.  I’d would like to do a before-and-after-type of post which would keep me on task.  (I have a really bad habit of making lists, accomplishing the first few things on the list and then making another list.) So let’s see if I can make it happen.

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Stacey March 27, 2010 at 1:50 am

I'm exhausted over all the chores on your check list. What really has me overwhelmed is that you claim your closets and pantry are in need of clearing…ha ha ha! Yours are pristine!

Ken jokes that I have clothing from junior high in my closet. Fact is…I do!

We love red buds. Had one in Upland. Loved those heart shaped leaves. Sad day when it split in half. We have red buds here also. My favorite here are the dogwoods.


Lemons and Lavender March 27, 2010 at 2:35 am

Hi Stacey! Thanks for commenting. While my closets and pantry appear tidy, they are cluttered with all sorts of old stuff. A general weeding-out is needed. And, I can't have a messy anything. I'm married to a fire fighter, remember? Lol.

I know that my Redbud trees have the possibility of splitting, so I'm trying to keep them from getting a wide canopy too soon.


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